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The NBA draft for 2024, presented by State Farm, is scheduled to take place on June 27, 2024. While specific details about the draft order and player selections are not available in the search results, there are some mentions of potential picks and traded picks for the 2024 NBA draft:

- The Indiana Pacers are expected to receive the worst of the Thunder picks (Clippers, Jazz, Thunder, Rockets) via the Nuggets, in exchange for a 2029 first-rounder.

- The New Orleans Pelicans have the Lakers' first-round pick, which is unprotected, as part of the Anthony Davis trade.

- The Pelicans also have the right to swap picks with the Milwaukee Bucks, as part of the Jrue Holiday trade .

- The Houston Rockets have the Nets' first-round pick, which is unprotected, as part of the James Harden trade.

- The San Antonio Spurs have the Raptors' first-round pick, with the specific protections unknown, as part of the Jakob Poeltl trade.

- The Oklahoma City Thunder have the Clippers' first-round pick, which is unprotected, as part of the Paul George trade.

- The Washington Wizards have the right to swap first-round picks with the Phoenix Suns, as part of the Brad Beal trade.

Things can change, so the actual draft order and player selections will be determined closer to the draft date. DO NOT MISS IT!

NBA Mock Draft 2024

Important Dates for the 2023-24 NBA Season

In 2023:

- October 12: The NBA Canada Series presented by Bell kicks off with a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Detroit Pistons in Montreal, Canada.

- October 20: The NBA Preseason concludes.

- October 23: Rosters for the NBA Opening Day are finalized at 5 p.m. ET.

- October 24: The 2023-24 NBA Regular Season officially commences.

- October 28: The NBA G League Draft takes place.

- October 30 to November 9: NBA G League Training Camp.

- November 3: The NBA In-Season Tournament begins.

- November 9: Rosters for the NBA G League Opening Day are set at 5 p.m. ET.

- November 9: The NBA Mexico City Game features the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic in Mexico City, Mexico.

- November 10: The NBA G League Season gets underway.

- December 7: The NBA In-Season Tournament Semifinals take place in Las Vegas, NV.

- December 9: The NBA In-Season Tournament Championship occurs in Las Vegas, NV.

- December 19-22: The NBA G League Winter Showcase and Showcase Cup Championship.

- December 27: The NBA G League's 34-game regular season starts for the year 2024.

In 2024:

- January 10: All NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season.

- January 11: The NBA Paris Game features the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Paris, France.

- January 23-27: NBA Rivals Week.

- February 8: The NBA Trade Deadline occurs at 3 p.m. ET.

- February 16-18: The NBA All-Star 2024 event is hosted in Indianapolis, IN.

- February 16-21: The NBA All-Star break.

- March 1: Deadline for Playoff Eligibility Waivers.

- March 30: The NBA G League Regular Season concludes.

- April 2: NBA G League Playoffs commence.

- April 14: The NBA Regular Season ends.

- April 15: Rosters for the NBA Playoffs 2024 are finalized at 3 p.m. ET.

- April 16-19: The NBA Play-In Tournament.

- April 20: The NBA Playoffs 2024 officially begin.

- April 28: Deadline for NBA Early Entry Eligibility.

- May 6-7: Conference Semifinals begin (with a possible move up to May 4-5).

- May 12: The NBA Draft Lottery 2024 is presented by State Farm.

- May 13-19: NBA Combine in Chicago, IL.

- May 21-22: Conference Finals commence (with a possible move up to May 19-20).

- June 6: NBA Finals 2024 Game 1.

- June 9: NBA Finals 2024 Game 2.

- June 12: NBA Finals 2024 Game 3.

- June 14: NBA Finals 2024 Game 4.

- June 17: Deadline for NBA Draft Early Entry Entrant Withdrawals at 5 p.m. ET.

- June 17: NBA Finals 2024 Game 5 (if necessary).

- June 20: NBA Finals 2024 Game 6 (if necessary).

- June 23: NBA Finals 2024 Game 7 (if necessary).

- June 27: The NBA Draft 2024 is presented by State Farm.

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